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Board Officers

Zachry Waterson DO
Thomas Kintanar MD
William Young MD
Immediate Past President

Sharon Singleton MD
Past President
W David Pepple MD
Donald Giant MD
Fen-Lei Chang MD
Chairman of the Board
John Csicsko MD
President of FWMS Foundation
Fen-Lei Chang MD
Secretary of FWMS Foundation
Win F Rood
Executive Vice-President
Alice DiNovo
Executive Director

Board Members

James Buchanan MD
Abhijit Shukla MD
Ryan Singerman DO
Patricia Bader MD
Geoffrey Cly MD

Craig McBride MD
Rhonda Sharp MD – 12th District
Lisa Hatcher MD – 12th District
Maria Krach – President – Alliance
Tom Dixon – ISMA Field Representative
Win Rood – FWMS


Patricia Bader MD
James Buchanan MD
Kathryn Carboneau MD
Don Giant MD
Tom Gutwein MD
Barbara Schroeder MD
Sharon Singleton MD
Alan Stephens MD
Zachry Waterson DO
William Young MD

Alternate Delegates

Mary Ann Meo DO
Steven Schwieterman MD

Mission Statement

The Fort Wayne Medical Society is committed to the goals of the American Medical Association, the purpose of which is the preservation of the art and science of medicine, the personal development of member physicians and the protection and betterment of the public health.

The Fort Wayne Medical Society is committed to the principles of physician autonomy and self-determination in the practice of medicine.

The Fort Wayne Medical Society is committed to fulfilling the role of an active cohesive leader of the health care resources of our community by maintaining and assuring the quality, availability and the responsible economic utilization of our health care resources.

The Fort Wayne Medical Society is committed to active involvement in the decision-making process regarding medical, social, political and economic issues affecting patients and physicians within hospital and all various inpatient and outpatient settings.